Consulting company DIRA offers consulting services on legal, financial, investment and other issues in the field of turnover and operation of elite and landmark real estate
DIRA was formed during the reorganization of the famous building design company. The Dira’s specialists have experience in organizing the life cycle of property from an author’s concept and design decisions to commissioning and further management of property
The direction of the company is expressed in the logo’s company. The idea behind the logo is the diversity of architecture over time. Color and graphic elements demonstrates this concept. Geometric figure in the form of the red square symbolizes constructivism, which is located on the element of Stalin’s high-rise, thus complements the entire composition

The blue circle symbolizes the smooth natural forms for some buildings. Moscow City is a clear example of such architecture
In the company DIRA qualified engineers, lawyers and realtors at your request will make a selection, support the transaction and further management of property
Unlike other investment mechanisms, investment in real estate allows you to use property for residence, work, business or lease that not only increases the standard of living for a client, but also allows you to receive additional income in addition to growth in the value of property
Legislation in the field of real estate, especially residential real estate (Housing Code), has number of peculiarities. Judicial practice in this matter does not always correlate with general civil regulations (Civil Code). DIRA lawyers have experience in handling the complex legal aspects of real estate acquisition and management. DIRA specialists speak foreign languages and they have knowledge of several foreign countries laws (Israel, North America and Europe). If its necessary they can provide recommendations on the details of taking out mortgages, carrying out registration of ownership, further operation and renting of properties, and can conduct negotiations on your behalf
In times of financial instability and uncertainty, real estate is "safe haven" for your capital. Competent investment of funds allows not only to save, but also to multiply funds, to save them from inflation, to which, unfortunately, not only Russian rubles, but also other leading world currencies are exposed
The specialists of our company do not just select real estate, but solve all of your problems and questions that might arise. They determine what is the most important for a client’s task: increasing and preserving capital, solving family problems — for example: choosing the best educational institution for yourself or your children. It is after analyzing and understanding what issue needs to be addressed. Our specialist immediately begins solving the task. We have developed the tools that help to determine the primary goal for our clients
Among the services provided by the specialists of DIRA are the purchase and operation of properties in the Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Israel (Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod) and Canada (Toronto). At your request, a specialist will conduct a market analysis, make forecast of the profitability of investments, provide all necessary recommendations. You choose and decide what you want
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